Buying, selling or renting
Apartments, Houses, Land
in CATEMBE (Maputo, Mozambique)


The Municipal Council has recently approved the new urban development plan for KaTembe (Catembe), outlining zones reserved exclusively for residential, tourism, commercial and administrative purposes. Several anchor projects are already underway, e.g. installation of Radio Moçambique and construction of new administrative buildings in Catembe.

Geological studies and the environmental impact assessment for the integrated bridge-roads project have been completed. The project will link Catembe to Maputo by bridge, as well as link Catembe to the North with a link up to the N1 and N4 (to Johannesburg), and Ponta de Ouro and the border with South Africa/Durban. In addition, the requalification of the road Boane-Bela Vista will facilitate entry to Swaziland border posts at Goba and Namaacha.

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